It’s okay to have a bad day 💖

In the middle of taking care of ourselves mentally, it is important not to put too much pressure on ourselves and understand that it’s perfectly okay to have a bad day. Not every day will be filled with rainbows and sunshine. We’re humans, and sometimes we will feel down. Embrace all those emotions and don’t try to sweep them under the rug.

It’s sometimes frustrating encountering a bad day after you’ve been in a really good place. The most important thing to remember is that life is not perfect, and it is impossible for us to have solely good days. Accepting that you’re having a bad day is significant, because it gives you a point of departure when trying to deal with what’s happening. You cannot fix a bad day if you’re too busy trying to convince yourself that everything is fine.

Here are some things you can do when you’re having a bad:

1. Calm down and confront your feelings

Negative emotions may make you feel overwhelmed to a point where the problem seems larger than it actually is. Therefore, one must pause. Pause and reflect on how you’re feeling. It helps to put the feelings into perspective by removing them from your mind and pouring them somewhere else, for instance, on a paper or screen through journaling. You don’t have to dwell on the negativity, but you certainly have to confront how you’re feeling. Journaling may make you feel better because it really does put your feelings and thoughts into perspective. You may realize that what you’re feeling down about may not be as bad as it seems. And even if you’re convinced that it is that bad, pour out your thoughts. Keeping them caged in your mind will imprison you emotionally.

2. Love yourself a little extra

It is important to give yourself extra love and attention when you’re feeling down. Taking care of yourself is very important. Look at it as if someone you love is having a bad day. Of course you’ll try to cheer them up and make them feel better. So cheer yourself up and make yourself feel better. Self-care is vital. Self-care may mean different things to different people. It may mean having a relaxing bath, going for a walk whilst listening to your favourite songs, putting on a face-mask and giving yourself a manicure and pedicure, going to bed early or watching your favourite show. The important thing is to make yourself feel loved and taken care of by YOU.

3. Stay away from negativity

A bad day can be worsened by inviting more negativity into your life. You need to stay away from anything that will not aid in helping you to feel better. If there is an annoying assignment that you have to do, it might be better for you to leave it and tackle it when you’re feeling better. This may seem counter-productive, but it is in fact extremely productive. You will not achieve your best work in this state. If certain apps result in you comparing your life to that of others and leave you feeling lesser, do not open them. The key to making a bad day better, or even just bearable, is to look for all the goodness around you and stay away from anything negative or toxic.

Bad days are an unfortunate part of life. We want to have beautiful lives surrounded with positive energies and events. Sadly, once in a while, we’ll be attacked by a day that seems to have come straight from hell. And the emotions that come with these days may seem unbearable.

That’s why it is important to remember that you’re very strong and you can deal with absolutely anything. You have made it this far in life for a reason. Calm down and confront your feelings, love yourself a little extra, and stay away from negativity.

It’s okay to have a bad day. Take care of yourself and you’ll soon find that you have moved away from that dark cloud and back to the sunshine and rainbows. ☀️🌈

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