Enjoy each season of life

Happiness is found in appreciating and enjoying every season you’re in. There is a lot of negativity that comes with expecting to be happy when you’ve reached a different season in your life. “I will be happy when I’ve graduated”, “I will be happy when I’m rich”, “I will be happy when I am married”. So in the meantime, are you going to be unhappy because you’re still in school? Are you going to be unhappy because you don’t have a lot of money?

Are you going to be unhappy because you’re single? It should never be that way. You are meant to be where you are, and doing what you’re doing right now. There’s a reason for every season we enter into in our lives. Some seasons may seem like a bad place to be in, but there are lessons that those seasons are teaching you for your next chapter in life. Make the most of every place you’re in. You might be there for a while so you might as well.

If you look for happiness in a future place, a distant place, you will always be in search of happiness. Because entering a season that you think will suddenly bring you happiness will wake you up as you realize that it’s not the season that’s responsible for bringing you happiness, it’s yourself. Happiness comes from within.✨And you enter into a good place mentally when you tell yourself that no matter where you are and whatever circumstances you are in, you will always look for the positives and be happy.

Another problem that comes with not enjoying the season that you’re in is that the way you behave in your current season will greatly influence the type of live you will live in the season that you’re hoping for. If your wish it to be rich, learn how to use and invest money in this season that you do not have it, instead of just sulking and being ungrateful. Because when you finally acquire it without the knowledge of how to use it, you are going to find yourself in difficult situations. You may soon find that your money did not last nearly as long as you thought it would and now you’ve been pushed back to your previous season. Or you may find yourself in an even worse situation, in debt, because you were careless. So make the most of the season that you’re in. Enjoy it, and use it to LEARN.

It may feel frustrating having your degree pushed back semester after semester, but as difficult as it sounds, enjoy everything that comes with it. Form relationships and connections that will be useful when you acquire the degree and need a job. Maybe you will meet someone in your extra semester who will open doors for you that will be useful for the rest of your life. You need to trust the process and enjoy the season.

If you don’t take the time to enjoy yourself when you’re single, life will not be any more fun when you’re in a relationship. Being single is an extremely exciting time which should be used to understand who you are, what you like and what you stand for, by yourself, without anyone else’s influence. It is also a time to work on aspects of yourself that need improvement. If you’re bad at communicating, learn that skill while you’re single because those poor communication skills could cause a lot of problems when you eventually get into a relationship. You’re not going to find happiness in a relationship before you’ve found happiness in yourself.

We can’t sit back and expect happiness to come to us. We have to claim it. Here! Now! Not tomorrow when we think things will be better. Not next week, not next month and certainly not next year. Now! It is extremely important to find happiness within yourself and within your season. Life is too short to wait for happiness, we have to claim it.✨

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