Feeling overwhelmed? One step at a time 👣

Hey Bloomers! 🌼 When you start something new, thinking about finishing can be overwhelming. This is because the end goal is usually somewhere very far, and the thought of what it will take to get there may be daunting. When feeling overwhelmed, the trick is to focus on one step at a time. 

It will all add up

What this means is that one should look at what’s right in front of them, so that they stay motivated and focused on the end goal. For instance, if the end goal is something as large as “getting a degree”, they can focus on the upcoming test, instead of thinking of the entire degree. That way, they can put their energy into the activity that urgently needs it, and not waste it on worrying about everything coming together. Large goals are made up of many, smaller, goals. The focus then, should be on these many, smaller goals. This allows for effective execution as all these smaller goals will add up to create a manifestation of the larger goal. 

Happiness and peace of mind

Happiness is the main priority, and for that reason, peace of mind should be protected at all costs. Worrying and overthinking about things that are not immediately in one’s control can have a negative effect on one’s peace of mind. As far as possible, the focus and concentration should be put on things that are capable of being controlled. Therefore, with the example of the degree, it is easier to control how much effort is put into a test rather than the achievement of a degree (something that will only come in time – after the smaller goals have been achieved). 

These small goals can be looked at as the stepping stones to the ultimate goal. When walking from point A to point B, one does not simply, magically arrive to point B. They also don’t take one giant step that transports them to point B. The arrival to point B is only as a result of the addition of multiple, single steps. It is the result of taking one step at a time. 

The connection to fear

Some people talk themselves out of doing things that they are genuinely interested in because they are afraid of failure. This fear is sometimes as a result of giving future achievements more power than they ought to. The changing point occurs when a person realises that their goals are not in fact out of reach. When they seem like far away fantasies, it may look like they are out of reach. But when they are broken down into the tiny little pieces that make them up, it becomes easier to see them as something that can be conquered. 

Other people, who are already in the process of achieving their goals, sacrifice their peace of mind by thinking too far ahead in time. We are the sole people in charge of protecting our happiness and our peace of mind. Because of that, we can’t sacrifice them for just anything, especially when that sacrifice is of our own doing. We should be able to call ourselves out when we are putting too much attention into things that cannot be controlled, and hence inviting stress into our lives. We must try by all means to only focus on what’s right ahead, by taking one step at a time, in order to reach where we want to go. 


Look at it like preparing a meal. If you’re going to cook dinner, it is usually made up of many dishes. Therefore, in order to have the final result (dinner), you have to make one thing at a time. You may start with the rice, and then the prawns, and then the sauce, and then the vegetables. At the end of it all, you would have prepared a full dinner. It’s only possible by taking one step at a time. 

So, Bloomers, don’t allow unnecessary stress into your life. For things to come together, you need to take one step at a time. Reaching point B is as a result of the steps that are taken between point A and point B. And lastly, as the Bible states in Matthew chapter 6 vs 34: Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own

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