2022, the year of_____?

Hey Bloomers! 🌼 We have reached the end of the year and for most people, this is a time of reflection. It is a time to reflect on whether or not they were happy with the way they lived their life throughout the year, and if there are any things they would like to do differently in the year ahead. This blog post will look at an alternative to vision boards, and how one can set goals for the year ahead. 

An alternative to vision boards

Firstly, vision boards are powerful. They are effective in that one takes their time to figure out exactly what they want out of the year and put it in a physical form that they can look at everyday. The act of being able to view these goals on a daily basis is helpful in achieving them. For those who have multiple goals that they are excited to crush in the year ahead, I wrote a blog post at the end of last year about all things vision boards and you can find it HERE

However, sometimes life is extremely busy and there is a lot to get through. One may feel that the year ahead is already going to have a lot of work to do and hence the idea of a vision board full of many other things that they need to achieve may be overwhelming. Different people find themselves in different phases of their life and that is why it is important to have an alternative to vision boards – they will not work for everyone in the specific phases that they are in their lives. What then, is this alternative? The alternative is a question. 

2022, the year of _____?

The question is this: What is 2022 the year of? The reason why this is a productive alternative is because it forces one to focus on one area (or a few areas) of their life that they feel need improvement. If they are overwhelmed, working on one thing will not be as strenuous as working on multiple goals all at once. Additionally, putting all the effort into one goal will ensure that most of the energy is exerted into that goal and therefore, there are greater chances of it being achieved. 

The way to go about it is finding out what’s most important in one’s life and therefore making it a priority in the year ahead. The key word here is “priority”. As a reminder, priority means “the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important than others”. So, what is more important than all other things in this moment? That is what will define the year ahead. The next section will give examples of how this question can be answered. 


2022, the year of:

  • Self-confidence 
  • Happiness
  • Therapy
  • Health  
  • Work and money 
  • Reading 
  • Kindness 
  • Travelling
  • Taking a talent to the next level 
  • Learning a new skill
  • Leaving a comfort zone 

These are just a few examples of what the year can be associated with in each individual’s life. Of course, there are many more things that could have made it to the list. What’s important is for a person to spend some quality time with them self in order to have a deeper understanding of where they are at in life and where they would like to be, in order to make a decision regarding what they will concentrate on in 2022. As the focus is on a single thing (or a few things at most), it will be easier to give that thing attention and be excited for the results that will come out of it. 

An illustration

As an illustration, one may decide to come up with the following sentence: 2022, the year of health. This would mean that on top of the commitments that they already have for the year, the only extra thing that they will be working on is their health. They may change their diet, start to get enough sleep, and exercise more. Imagine the results that they would get at the end of the year, if they were consistent in this one goal. It could result in a massive improvement in their overall health. 

Any one thing can be chosen, and that one thing will be the main focus for the rest of the year. Not having the time nor energy to tackle multiple goals does not mean that a person should not work towards something for their fulfilment and growth. Even a single thing can make a difference. Everyone should challenge themselves to see what amazing things they can achieve if they are consistent for 12 months. 

Utilising the benefits of vision boards 

All the three powerful benefits of vision boards that were discussed in the vision boards blog post are equally as relevant here. They are as follows: 

  1. Constant reminder to crush your goals
  2. Direction 
  3. The law of attraction 

That blog post is more detailed in that regard. The reason why this fact has been included here is because although there are significantly less goals, it is still important to physically see them. Even if it is one goal, the importance of seeing that goal on a regular basis cannot be downplayed. Therefore, it may be helpful not to create a vision board in this instance, but to print out a picture. If there is more than one goal, then printing those number of pictures (as few as possible). 

(The moment the goals are too many, a vision board would be more appropriate).

How the picture will work

A picture that symbolises this one goal must be printed out. After that, the picture must be put in a visible area that one is guaranteed to look at as often as possible. This could be on a bedroom door, the sitting room wall, working desk, or even diary. Only then, will the three benefits together have a chance of being activated. 

Love and light ❤️🌟

Bloomers, it has been a blessing going through this journey of personal development together. May the next year be a prosperous one filled with more growth and happiness in your lives! Sending lots of love and light ❤️🌟

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Thank you Ruva for helping us end the year on this high and insightful note. I will be reaching out to you for help in creating my vision board for 2022. For me 2022 is a year of…so many things, so I definitely need a vision board.

May you be blessed and many you continue go inspire and motivate us in 2022.

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