What if everything goes well? (Reframing thoughts)

Hey Bloomers! 🌼 If you read my previous blog post about negative bias, you will know that our brains are hard wired to focus on the negative, and it is our duty to recognise and deal with that. The negative bias concept raises the issue that is going to be discussed in this blog post: reframing thoughts. 

What does reframing thoughts entail? 

Reframing thoughts

Firstly, it is important to discuss this concept. It basically entails thinking differently. It is about training the brain to go down a thought process that differs from the one it usually goes through. In the context of this discussion, it is about training the brain to ask the question “what if everything goes well” instead of asking the question “what if it doesn’t work out”. This has multiple benefits. 

The benefits of asking the more positive question

1. It affects behaviour 

Whether a person becomes successful in their plans or not is a result of multiple factors working together. However, a common theme is the fact that IT ALL STARTS IN THE MIND. Whatever happens externally, first begins internally. The way that a person thinks affects their behaviour. Actions begin as thoughts. Therefore, if the dominant thought is “what if it doesn’t work out”, this will translate into the way a person goes about life. They will work towards their goals, although not as ruthlessly as they should. This is because something is consistently telling them that it might not work out. If it won’t work out, then what’s the point of exerting maximum effort?

The opposite is true. If the thought “what if everything goes well” is the dominant thought, it will also translate into actions. If there’s a possibility that things will go well, then a person will give everything they can to ensure that this possibility becomes reality. Thoughts can make or break a future – choose positive ones.  

2. Putting out good energy into the universe

This is the way the world is designed – people reap what they sow. In the same way that a person gets oranges from planting an orange tree, they also reap positive rewards from putting our positivity into the world. However, the opposite is also true. This is why it is important for one to be careful of the words that they say and the energy that they put out. What if everything goes well? It’s important to run with that idea and let it take you as far as possible. Proverbs ch 18 vs 21 says: Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it and indulge it will eat it’s fruit and bear the consequences of their words. Food for thought. 🍛💭

However, there is no guarantee

Although one can be certain that planting an orange tree produces oranges, it is still important to remember that there are other external circumstances that can hinder this from happening. For instance, the weather or the soil could play a role. In the same way, it is not an absolute guarantee that reframing your thoughts to think “what if everything goes well” will result in everything going well. There can still be further circumstances that affect that outcome. The point, however, is that it is better to entertain positive thoughts that will push you to achieve your goals, instead of negative ones that will certainty result in you doubting yourself and not putting enough effort towards these goals.

In concluding, it is highly beneficial to run with positive thoughts instead of negative ones. All creation begins within.  

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Thanks Ruva. Such profound advice. I certainly agree that all creation begins within and positive thoughts are the driver of the creation.

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