Going with the Flow of Life

Many problems are solved when you stop fighting with the current and learn how to go with the flow. Before getting into this, it is important to understand that you have to deal with a problem mentally before you face it in the physical world. It all begins in the mind. A prerequisite for winning a battle externally is winning it internally.

However, sometimes, a battle is won not by fighting, but by surrendering to what is. This is where the phrase “going with the flow” comes in.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at it in a positive way), life will not always go the way we want it to. For instance, relationships and careers will stubbornly not follow the path that you have set out for them. They may flow in a different direction. And in moments like this, you are confronted with two options: fighting what is or allowing it to be. And there is so much joy in accepting what is and going with the flow.

The thing about fighting the flow is that it drains so much energy from us, while simultaneously deviating us from reaching a destination that we can’t run away from. Life is so much more than the destination; the journey is equally as important. Many people have accepted that every good thing in life has to be difficult to obtain, when in fact it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need to fight the current to reach your desired job. You don’t need to fight the current to reach your desired friendships and romantic relationship. You simply just need to go with the flow. Peace is found in surrendering to what is meant to be.

You didn’t get that job you so desperately wanted? You can spend the next couple of months fighting the current by sobbing about how you deserved to get that job and sending email after email to the company. Or you can choose to go with the flow by accepting what is and applying for another job, which leads you to where you were always meant to be.

You didn’t get into your first preferred university? You can physically go to the university day after day pleading your case, or you can go with the flow and accept that there’s a reason why you only got into your third preferred university.

Your relationship has come to an end? You can invest your time into forcing things to work out and losing yourself and your worth in the process or you can let go and allow the flow to take you to an even better place. To a relationship that makes you grateful the previous one didn’t work out.

Sometimes, it’s really as simple as adopting a “it is what it is” mentality (credit to TikTok 😜). Understanding that certain outcomes cannot be controlled allows us to enjoy our lives more because it results in us focusing our energies on positivity and not on fighting a flow that is working for our greater good.

Great things are not forced, allow your life to flow!

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