Protecting your peace can cause outside noise

Protecting your peace can cause outside noise

Hey Bloomers! 🌼💛 Protecting your peace can cause outside noise. Isn’t that ironic? When we hear the phrase “protecting your peace”, we often associate it with peace in its entirety. However, it might be wise to categorise this type of peace and separate it from another, in order to effectively protect it. What may need protection is inward peace, because it is difficult and most times impossible to control the world outside of yourself. 

A short introduction: re-imaging what protecting your peace means 

In an ideal world, both internal and external peace would be the goal. However, as stated, it is seldom possible to control the world outside of yourself. It is therefore necessary to re-imagine what protecting your peace means. At the end of the day, you are the one person who is going to spend every second of your life with yourself, and you are responsible for the decisions that you make. If you make decisions to please other people but you are unhappy, those people are not the ones who will have to deal with your unhappiness. YOU will. So when thinking of the idea of protecting your peace, you may have to think of what will put your heart at ease, and allow you to live your life with the most happiness possible. 

Balancing exercise

Protecting your peace is sometimes a balancing exercise. This means that there may be two or more interests that need to be weighed, and then you make a decision based on the interest that weighs the most. An example is a situation that requires of you to decide to either put your interests first, or those of others before your own. It is true that there is place for both these instances in life. 

However, when a time comes that you do this balancing exercise and decide to put your interests before those of others for the sake of your wellness, there may be outside noise. This comes in many forms. It may come in the form of unkind remarks, unwarranted actions, or even distance from people that you care about. If this is one of the instances where you decided that protecting your peace weighs more, the way to get through the outside noise is to remind yourself as to why you made that decision in the first place. There was a reason, and it outweighed the outside noise. 

Exploring the word “selfish”

Being selfish is caring only about what you want or need without any thought for the needs or wishes of other people. Some people may choose to not protect their peace for fear of seeing themselves as selfish. However, as long as one has engaged in a “balancing exercise”, they have already taken other people’s wishes into consideration. The fact that their peace of mind trumps others’ wishes does not result in them being selfish, as they would have made the consideration but it ultimately weighed less. Additionally, in some contexts, not giving people what they want from you is actually helpful to those people, even if they do not see it in the moment. To add on, there are also times where in order to give the best version of yourself, you have to put yourself first. 

This shows that the word “selfish” is a complex word and cannot be used in every instance where one puts their needs above those of others.

There is a place for both 

This blog post is not a call for you to start choosing your needs over those of others all the time. It rather accepts that there are moments when you may feel called to choose others before yourself, and other moments where you may feel called to put yourself before others. In the latter, you can be made to feel bad for your decision because of outside noise. This doesn’t happen always, but protecting your peace can cause outside noise. And in that moment, you just have to remember why you made that decision. Think of the balancing exercise, what weighs more, and what YOU are willing to live in the consequences of. 


Sending you lots of love and light, Bloomers 💛🔆🌼

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Its true. We often worry about what those around us think of us without thinking about ourselves as well. Great and insightful post as always, Ruva.

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