Vision board ideas for 2021

As today is the last Monday of 2020, this is my last blog post of the year. I have decided to dedicate this post to discussing a concept that will enable you to make the most out of this new year: vision boards. I presume that there are many different things you’d want to achieve in the coming year. An effective way to tackle these goals is by physically seeing them and one way to achieve this is through the creation of a vision board. At the end of the blog post, there are going to be some vision board ideas for 2021 ☺️ So, let’s get started. 

What is a vision board?

Our trusted Google dictionary has defined a vision board as “a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation”. A vision board is a creative way to constantly be reminded of the things that you want to achieve. It can cover a year or in other instances an entire lifetime. In this post, we’re going to be discussing a year vision board. What it is then, is a collage of images and words that will represent the things that you want you achieve in 2021. 

What you will need is a large piece of paper that you will stick different pictures on (more on this later). The creative aspect of it is entirely up to you and your aesthetic. The important thing is that everyday, you will look at the visual representation of the things you want to achieve and you’ll be reminded to meet those goals. If you’re going to be looking at your vision board in your bedroom everyday, you might as well make it pretty 😌✨🌈

The benefits of a vision board

1. Constant reminder to crush your goals

Let’s be honest. You’ve made some resolutions at the beginning of the year in past years and found that by the time the year had ended, you hadn’t come even close to meeting those goals. There are a number of reasons that explain this scenario. They range from the fact that you were not motivated to you completely forgetting about the goals. Looking at your vision board every day is a constant reminder to crush your goals. Here are two examples: When you’re constantly seeing that mark you want to achieve, you’ll study harder, and when you see the places you want to travel to, you’ll make the necessary plans. A vision board makes goals achievable, instead of completely disregarding them on January the 2nd. 

2. Direction

One of the most important benefits of a vision board is that it gives you direction. Sometimes life becomes overwhelming when you’re unsure of what you want to do and where you’re headed. Direction brings with it peace of mind and eliminates a lot of negative feelings like worry that come with lack of focus and the inability to see where you are going. 

What a vision board gives you is clear direction. When you look at it you see where you’re going. Therefore, your daily activities are guided by what you see on your vision board. Looking at a goal such as “get physically healthy” will result in you rethinking when you’re about to eat that large pizza and wearing your running shoes instead. Direction offers purpose, and this is achieved by a vision board.

3. The law of attraction!

The law of attraction states that you can manifest your destiny. It’s the idea that investing positive energy and belief in any desired outcome will allow a person to bring the outcome to fruition. You have the power to get what you want simply by believing in it (Bustle). The process of creating a vision board is just as important as the end result. This is one of those instances where the journey and the destination are equally important. By thinking of, cutting out, and then pasting pictures that represent your goals on your vision board, you’re investing positive energy and believing that you’re going to achieve these goals. You get out of the universe what you put into it (Advice from Ruva).

People who make vision boards always talk about how they manifested certain things. They manifested their jobs, businesses, friendships, cars, houses, and all sorts of different things. I, personally, have and will continue to manifest my desired life through vision boards because it works! Your achievements are in direct correlation with your mindset and that is not a fairytale, it’s a fact. Everything, and I mean everything, begins in the mind. The mind is a very powerful tool that you need to stop using against yourself but rather in your favour. Attract that life you want to have!! 

How to make the vision board

You’re going to need the following supplies:

  1. A form board/ cardboard paper/ paper (wherever you wish to stick your pictures)
  2. A pair of scissors  
  3. Glue or tape 
  4. Google or Pinterest (that way you can get very specific about what you want on the board)
  5. A printer 
  6. Decorating supplies (optional) 🌸✨🌈
  7. A POSITIVE MINDSET 🧘🏿‍♀️ –  Make sure you’re feeling at your best when you make your vision board, that way you’ll go all out! Before starting the process, do whatever gets you feeling good. Get your nails done, listen to a podcast, meditate, do a face mask and have a relaxing shower/bath, watch the Liverpool v Barcelona match highlights 😁 (biggest comeback of the century 🙌🏾). Whatever will have you feeling positive! Then go for it. 

I suggest making a list of the things you want on your vision board first, so that you don’t get distracted by the many pretty pictures on the internet. 

Vision board ideas for 2021! 🥳

If you’ve never made a vision board before, it may seem difficult to figure out what exactly you want on the board. Even if you’re a vision board pro, some extra ideas won’t hurt. So as I promised, here are some vision board ideas for 2021 to get you going: 

  • Mental health goals – have a self care day every week, take my journaling seriously, spend more time with myself, practice meditation. 
  • Physical health goals – become vegan, run 5km in 30 minutes, go for walks more often (don’t forget your face mask), drink more water. 
  • General life goals – buy the latest Toyota Corolla, buy a house, travel to Germany, revamp my wardrobe, go zip lining, develop a night time routine. NB: some of these things may not be possible due to the pandemic but hopefully there’ll be a vaccine available for everyone soon 🤞🏾
  • Quotes – You can also add some quotes to the vision board that will remind you of the life you want to lead. For example: Make happiness a priority and be gentle with yourself in the process ~ Bronnie Ware. 

Enjoy making your vision board. The process is just as important as the product. You can do anything you set your mind to, but remember that your vision board will not work if you don’t!

 “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead”.

James 2:7, NIV

There you have it, vision board ideas for 2021. Put in the work, have the correct mindset, and watch your dreams come true.✨

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