The value in crying

There is a misconception in our society that has gone on for long enough, and that misconception is that crying makes you weak. Crying is always associated with weakness, wrongfully so. This is partly the result of socialization. Socialization is the way we are made to see the world and the beliefs and values that we acquire from childhood.

We are socialised by our families in childhood, peers as we get older, educational institutions and communities. If from the time you were a child you were directly or subconsciously taught that crying makes you weak, one cannot blame you for growing up thinking that way. But the good thing about socialization is that as you grow up, you begin to filter through all the information you have acquired and use what you decide to accept. And I am glad that I have learnt about the value in crying.

Contrary to popular beliefs, crying actually means that you are mentally strong. This is because you are facing your emotions head on and allowing yourself to feel. By constantly doing this, you are making your mind stronger. Whenever a problem arises, you face it! This is much better than sweeping your emotions under the rug because when all of that catches up with you, it will be much harder to deal with. Not enough credit is given to people who deal with negative emotions in a healthy manner because it is something to be proud of. Not everyone has the ability to do so and we often find people who get themselves caught up in unhealthy coping mechanisms. Being able to cry when you are sad or when you find yourself in an undesirable situation is a good thing. Don’t allow society to tell you otherwise.

It has also been scientifically proven that crying makes you feel better. The reason for this are the oxytocin and endogenous opioids (endorphins) that are released due to crying. These are also known as feel-good chemicals. These chemicals may ease pain, emotional and physical. Coupled with that, oxytocin brings calmness. (Healthline). I always feel more relaxed and peaceful after crying. Stronger, and never weaker. I find myself with a clearer mind and able to make more rational decisions.

Humans produce three types of tears: basal, reflex and emotional. The relevant type here are emotional tears. Emotional tears have stress hormones that are removed from the body through crying. These hormones would have built up because of the stress. (Psychology today). Therefore, when you cry, you are directly removing the stress from within you, which allows you to feel better afterwards.

It saddens me when someone apologises for crying. Or feels weak and fragile because they cried. There is extreme power in your tears, extreme power in crying. There is a reason why humans are made this way, with emotional tears. It is a healthy way for us to deal with negative emotions. So, to that person who thinks that there is something wrong with them because they cry a lot, you’re getting it all wrong. You were wired that way for a reason, a good reason. Next time you feel that lump in your throat, don’t hold back the tears. Crying is completely natural and displays your strength. Added bonus: you will feel better afterwards.

Allow yourself to cry and then wipe those beautiful tears. There’s still a world that you need to dominate after crying!

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