The importance of spending time with yourself

One of the most important things you could ever do for yourself is learning how to enjoy your own company. Being alone does not have to equal being lonely. This is a vital concept that we have to carry everywhere. The reason why I put this idea on a pedestal is because I truly believe that it is a major key to happiness.

Our happiness lies in our own hands and we cannot give someone else that much power of our lives. We cannot give our friends, partners or even family that much power of our lives. It is a power that we ourselves must control.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is a great thing to have people in our lives. There’s a comfort that comes with knowing that if you ever go through anything, there are people you can lean on who will be there for you. These are people who will also be able to share in the good times with you. I am a big advocate of having a small circle of family and friends that you can do life with. Life is always better when you are surrounded by people who love you and care about you.

However, we cannot control how the people in our lives feel. If your friends are angry, are you also going to invite that emotion into your life and become angry? If you get into a fight with your partner, the one you call “your happiness”, where will you then get happiness from? Will you become sad until “your happiness” can make you happy again? Not only will this put you in a difficult and compromised position, but it is also selfish. Someone else cannot dedicate their life to making you happy. It will drain them. Then they become unhappy. And in turn you become unhappy. It is a whole cycle. The solution? Make yourself happy and learn how to spend time with yourself.

You do not need anyone else’s company to enjoy yourself. In fact, other people’s company should be an addition to your already fulfilled life. It is also important to realise that people leave, even when we expect that they never will. If that happens, we should be in a position where we are content with ourselves and can bring our selves happiness by enjoying our own company.

One certainty is that you will have you for life. So why not enjoy spending time with the one person you’ll be with for every second for the rest of your life?

I encourage you to find things that you can do in order to enjoy alone time.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Start cooking for fun
  • Reading a novel
  • Always have a good series that you are watching
  • Go shopping!!!
  • Go for a walk whilst listening to music
  • Take a relaxing shower/bath
  • Do your makeup and have a photo-shoot!
  • Exercise. Get that waist/those abs that you’ve wanted for the longest time!
  • Read the Bible and pray
  • Catch up on your work/schoolwork. You’ll feel better afterwards.
  • Re-watch Liverpool’s comeback in that magical Champions League semi-final 😜

I hope you find the perfect activities that allow you to enjoy spending some alone time. Taking control of your happiness will be a positive game changer for the rest of your life. Remember, being alone should never mean being lonely! You are the perfect companion for yourself.

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